Canada Tenkey Holdings | CTH’s new Canadian Depot
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CTH’s new Canadian Depot

CTH’s new Canadian Depot

CTH’s Canadian Household Depot Project is proposed to export Canadian household merchandise to Chines retail market. This project will mainly focus on exporting featured Canadian products to City of Qingdao in China. The project proposal is being evaluated and the process of setting up a retail store in Qingdao is in the work. This project is supported by City of Pickering and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Durham Region as a pioneer investment example. Total investment at this stage is estimated to be CAD 5,000,000.

The range of merchandise of Canadian Household Depot covers a wide variety of specialty Canadian products, including agricultural products, health-care products and household products etc. The store consists of two sections: retail store at the front of the facility, and warehouse at the back.

We will implement strict criteria when choosing Canadian suppliers in order to guarantee the quality of merchandise. Improved logistic system will shorten the transportation time and ensure freshness of products. In addition, we are aiming to provide a “private tailor” system to meet diverse individual needs. All the customers’ preferred merchandise can be ordered through online portal, and our customer service department will arrange to ship the goods directly to China according to the customized plan.

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